Compassionate Psychic Readings

Insightful Psychic Readings from Rochester, NY

Become more connected to the people and animals in your life with psychic readings in Rochester, NY, by Kathy. From numerology to dream interpretation, her gifts and insight can make a difference in your life. Any scheduled readings over an hour in length may be split into three separate sessions only.

Personal Readings

Find out what you need to know about relationship and family issues with our help. Our psychic offers a discerning perspective through her intuitive connection to clients like you. We can also focus your readings on work and finances, helping you make confident decisions that propel you forward in your career and pursuit of long-term stability.

Pet Readings

Call our psychic hotline for help finding a missing pet or understanding your animal companion’s thoughts and feelings. With many years of experience in animal care and rescue as well as running a pet-sitting business, our psychic is able to recognize the unspoken needs of your furry friends through focused pet readings.

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Psychic Readings Centered on Connection

All of our readings focus on finding answers through authentic relationships with our clients. Whether you come back to us for regular advice or only spend a few minutes in one of our sessions, we strive to deliver a genuinely informative experience with all of our psychic readings. We see our job as something more than giving answers: Kathy’s true gift is helping clients discover the truth within themselves.

Don’t let anxiety or uncertainty keep you from living the life you deserve. Alongside our psychic, you can learn the right direction to take in everything from day-to-day decisions to life-changing choices. No matter what insight you need, you can count on us to provide compassionate, connection-focused service.


Easy, Accessible Phone Advice

We want to make sure that every client gets the help they need without a hassle. That’s why Intuitive Readings by Kathy incorporates an over-the-phone option for psychic advice. With one call, you can get the support you require to feel confident about your future.


Contact us today to request an appointment. We proudly serve Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas.