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Detailed Numerology Readings in Rochester, NY

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Without even thinking about it, you live your life with very heavy reliance on numbers. There are phone numbers, addresses, and, of course, credit card numbers and banking details. On the face of it, numbers are pure information, but with a deeper glance, you will see that there is much more happening below the surface.

Numerology studies numbers in your life, for example, does a certain number keep recurring again and again without any seeming reason why? This practice delves into the significance and relevance of certain numbers to you and your life. Take advantage of knowledge gained through numerology charts and request your numerology readings in Rochester, NY, today with Intuitive Readings by Kathy. With our convenient service, you can schedule an appointment for a phone or email consultation.

Your world can be understood through numbers, and we strive to help you on your journey to understanding how numbers impact your life. In this way, you can better grasp the meaning of numbers that are relevant to you.


Rates for Numerology

Discover what your birthday says about your personality, destiny, and life purpose. These readings are done in 15-minute increment. Any scheduled readings over an hour in length may be split into three separate sessions only.

These sessions help you chart your way forward in life with renewed focus thanks to guidance and interpretation of our numerology reader. When you think of your life as a journey, you will realize that at times you can benefit from the expertise of a navigator. Let us fill that role for you as we can provide readings and numerical insights to the events that surround you. Take advantage of this non-biased self-help tool, and you will treasure the enlightenment.


Contact Kathy to book an appointment. She proudly serves clients worldwide from her location in Rochester, NY.